What is Vibrant Living Academy?

Vibrant Living Academy is a growing community of like minded women (no worries guys, you can benefit as well!) who want to live the most vibrant and amazing life possible! We focus on healing.

Heal the woman. Heal the family. Heal communities. Heal the world.

This inspired academy is grafted together by communities of women who mentor and learn through local classes and online resources. The academy provides a platform for individuals to further their outreach and share their purpose and passion.

In addition, we hold Vibrant Living Retreats, where women participate in interactive activities and implement tools to heal and live a vibrant life. Our retreats provide hands-on implementation while surrounded by other like-minded people, delicious healthy whole and raw foods. You will walk away with nutritional knowledge, meal plans, shopping lists, skills to help you do emotional release work on yourself or your family, make a dream board, create affirmations and a Life Movie Script, meditate, go on a nature hike, create a beautiful handmade journal, do yoga, setup systems and routines for your home, discover your purpose and passion and share your talents, gifts and insights with others. Visit the academy’s Upcoming Events and Retreats for more information!

Best of all, you’ll connect with the hearts of some beautiful individuals who will move and change your life forever.

Something magical happens when a group gets together with the intention of connecting, learning, growing and desiring to make a difference in the world. You’ll be inspired to create and live the life of your dreams, as well as assist others in their journey.

The 7 Steps to Vibrant Living class was AMAZING – a true life changer!! I loved every session. I am definitely a better person because of this class. I am much better at getting up in the morning and have a positive, productive morning routine which starts my day off right. I am watching my thoughts more and keeping the negative ones out as much as I can. I really feel like a better person because of Stacy and what I learned in her class. I have listened to the recordings of her classes multiple times and they are always the pick me up I need. I also LOVE having her book and have referenced it MANY times. Stacy is truly a lighthouse helping others find their way, becoming their best selves along the path.


Stacy, I cannot believe how powerful the tools are that you are sharing! It was about one year ago when I began actively trying to understand and employ the methods you taught us. I am not perfect at it, but my life one year later is night and day different! My coping skills are 100% better, my outlook is startlingly different. I still have down times, but they are shorter. I am also 45 pounds lighter. Thanks for opening yourself up, sharing your lovely spirit and spreading hope.


Stacy Harmer is my sister by birth, my mentor and dearest friend by choice. She has walked a path few are required to walk. These experiences could have crushed her. Instead, she has triumphed; becoming the beautiful, refined, knowledgeable woman she is today. Stacy is a perpetual student – continually learning, always growing and willing to share what she has learned. Her wisdom empathy and understanding bless my life on a daily basis. Finding balance in life is such a challenge. Stacy has lovingly and gently influenced me, helping me break through personal roadblocks and issues to become the woman I am striving to be. Her ability to connect with the “whole person” – body, heart, mind and soul – is intuitive and powerful. If you’ll let them, Stacy’s 7 Steps to Vibrant Living insights, visual anchors, and concrete suggestions will change your life.


I am so grateful to have met Stacy. What an amazing mind and heart she has. She has an incredible connection into the lives of other people. Her level of understanding and comprehension of life is astounding! I am amazed at her ability to teach, lead and inspire people. It seems as though whoever gets close to her is blessed by her wisdom and love that she has for them. I know that my life has improved since meeting her. She has caused me to live more with purpose and with passion. I am impressed with the path that she is on and I hope… I hope that more people will see what she has found. It is truly a blessing and gift that she offers to everyone that connects with her. Thanks for influencing me, which influenced my family and which assists me to influence others for good. I have risen to new heights because of her direct influence. Thank you!


Quite simply, I think Vibrant Living provides a stimulating educational, social, emotional outlet for women’s enrichment.